19 February 2016

Lucan Blog

January has been a very busy month here in Lucan, with lots of activities happening in all of our rooms as you read on you will get to see how all the staff have incorporated the Aistear themes into the weekly activities, the crèche looks amazing with all the children’s art work displayed proudly on the walls.

Baby room 1

The theme for January was shapes and colours, over the course of the month the babies had great fun exploring this theme, the babies love to paint and they had so much fun painting the different shapes in lovely colours to make Mr Shape o’lot. The babies had a very busy month they got very messy doing their “messy play” Carmel and Sarah used a different “mess” each week i.e. jelly, rice krispies, cornflakes, and squirty cream. They loved all the different textures and “tastes” they loved the rice krispies and the wibbly wobbly jelly the most. Some of them didn’t like the cream so much they didn’t like the strange feel of it, others loved pouring the cream with the cups and splashing in it, I’d say the thing they loved the most was watching Carmel and Sarah cleaning it all up.

Baby room 2.

The children in baby room 2 are a little older than baby room 1 and a lot more mobile and that’s when all the fun starts, Suzanne and Orla did messy play with rice krispies one of the children loved being the chef pretending the make rice krispies cakes for the other babies. Also this month the children were learning to sit at the table and feed themselves which is going very well “so far” baby room 2 also got a new sleep room that Suzanne and oral have made nice and relaxing for the babies to have a nice sleep in, with the cots out of the room the children have more space to play and explore, Suzanne and oral have been decorating the room with the children’s art work and some lovely Disney pictures.

Wobble room 1:

The children in this room had great fun painting their hands and pressing them on the pages they thought it was funny seeing all the paint on their hands and as kids will be kids some tried to lick it off their hands, as it was shapes theme this month Sarah gave the children some pages with shapes on them and they coloured them in with crayons and Sarah displayed them on the wall outside their room for their parents to see and admire them.

Wobble room 2

The children in wobble room 2 had great fun in January learning all about cooking they designed a chefs jacket for our brilliant chef Tina it was very blingy. The children helped bake yummy cakes that they got to enjoy after they ate their yummy healthy tea that mummy and daddy had prepared at home for them, the wobblers also did some beautiful art work that Karen and Ally displayed on the wall for all to see.


In the toddler room this month Lynn and Nadine taught the children all about hygiene i.e. washing hands, brushing teeth etc. the girls thing the toddlers had more fun splashing the water than washing their hands, the toddlers did messy play this month Lynn and Nadine made jelly and gave it to them to “mess” with, they think the children loved eating it rather than playing with it, the toddlers also did a project called “all about me” and it was displayed on the wall so all could see what the liked and disliked.


It was a busy month in pre-Montessori Jackie, David and the children made a family tree. The children brought in photos of their family that were placed on the tree, this incorporated the Aistear theme of identity and belonging, this lets the children know that members of their family are positively acknowledged and welcomed. David did exercise with the children in the garden (when it wasn’t raining) and encouraged the children by introducing healthy eating week by introducing lots of different fruits and foods which they loved trying. At the moment we are doing a food pyramid. We will have photos of this on our blog next month. The children are having great fun painting it at the moment.

Montessori 1

Our new Montessori teacher Aisling joined our family in December replacing Ailbhe who has left us to go off on a new adventure to Australia, in honour of that Aisling and the children celebrated Australia day on the 26th of January the children loved hearing all about Australia and its cultures and learning all about where Ailbhe had gone. They made the Sydney opera house for their arts and crafts week and Aisling displayed them on the wall for all the parents to see, they also made lamington cake which I’m told was very yummy. The boys and girls will be learning all about chines new year in February (spring rolls might be on the menu so).

Montessori 2

At the start of the New Year Jenny and Jo decided to change the seating plan so the children can get new “neighbours” and although they all know each other it’s nice to sit beside someone else, we welcomed Josh to Montessori on the 12th of January and he has settled in really well getting to know all his new “roommates”. To incorporate the theme of the month jenny brought all the children down to the computer and they did a virtual tour of a museum and they saw all the beautiful art work of famous artists they also got to see the Sistine chapel on the computer, they learned all about Michael Angelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. The children painted their own masterpieces which is displayed in the porch of the crèche.

Also this Jenny and Jo went over all the numbers and letters that the children had been taught and they did super to remember all that they had been shown. Jenny taught them a song and poem for Valentine’s Day and they learned it very quickly and they really loved singing and saying them for whoever came into their room, the children worked very hard this month doing all their Montessori work from the shelves and they also loved their “happy Friday” where they bring in a toy from home to play with.

Afterschool 1:

Up in the afterschool room Jenny and Debbie introduced a new routine for when the children come in from school, when the children arrive in they will go and change their uniforms and do their homework before dinner if some of the children don’t have homework Jenny will set up an activity for them to do. This month they had a senses week where they created a masterpiece from different textures. When the children had finished their homework they joined in the activity and then at 3pm they all sit down to eat their dinner “together time”

Also this month they had an art appreciation week when they learned all about different artists Jenny showed them the Mona Lisa and the Sistine chapel on the computer, the children loved this and asked if they could paint the ceiling (better run that one past Maurice first)

Afterschool 2:

In afterschool 2 we have a different schedule as the children come in sporadically they change their uniforms and sit down to dinner, they will then go and do their homework we have a cut-off point of 4:30 for homework as we feel that they spend enough time in school that they should have time to do their own thing i.e playing on the computer or colouring and when weather permitting we get got to the garden as much as possible, this month Jo and Olwyn made an act of kindness tree where the children wrote on the leaves what they believed kindness was. The leaves were placed on the tree for all to see they also designed a jersey picture and Jo will take their pictures and put them on the jerseys thus reminding them that they are part of the room (Aistear theme identity and belonging) out in the garden the children love to play dodgeball and Jo and Olwyn join in the game which the children love I think they enjoy firing the ball at them a little too much.


In the kitchen our chef Tina is busy everyday making yummy dinners for all the children, Tina also ensures that if any child has an allergy to food they receive the correct meal, Tina does a super job everyday making healthy and nutritious meals. Thank you Tina

Well that’s it blog done oops! Almost forgot the dream team in the office Michelle and Connie who look after all the staff (which sometimes can be harder than minding the children) Connie ensures that all the staff have the right ratios in the room and have enough equipment in their rooms for their activities, (and plenty more in between) Michelle ensures that the daily running of the crèche is done with the upmost professionalism making any new parents that come to view the crèche very welcome.

As the saying goes “it takes teamwork to make a dream work”