18 April 2016

Lucan March 2016

Baby room 1:

March was a very busy month for all the babies, we did lots of arts and crafts this month for St Patrick’s day mother’s day and Easter. We made a colourful rainbow with a pot of gold at the end of it and we became the cutest smiliest shamrocks!! We made our mammies lovely flowers and we also made a lovely Easter card with finger painting, but best of all we had a yummy chocolate Easter party.

A few new babies started in our room this month and we had great fun playing with them and getting to know them, we hope they have as much fun playing in the room with all the toys as we do. We had great fun reading books and singing songs with Sarah and Clara. The farm book was one of our favourites and we loved singing "old mc Donald" and baa baa black sheep. We are so tired from all the work we did this month we’re going to go now and have our bottles and soother’s and have a little snooze. Nighty night zzzzzzzzzz

Baby room 2:

March was a very busy month in baby room 2 Suzanne and Orla helped all the children make lovely cards and gifts for all their special mammy’s. we also celebrated St Patrick’s day and Easter, the little ones had great fun painting and colouring their art work for all these occasions. This month in baby room 2 we welcomed a new little play mate named Amaiya we hope Amaiya settles in and enjoys playing in the room with all the great toys as much as we do. As you can see from the pictures we finally got out to play in the garden, we had great fun playing on the toys and Suzanne and Orla let us have a go on the slide but only when they held onto us because we’re still too small to go on it by ourselves. Phew!! That was a busy month think we need our favourite teddy and blankie now and have a little nap.

As always we incorporate Aistear into our month

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Wobbler room:

March was very busy in the wobbler room we celebrated mother’s day St Patrick’s day and Easter, Easter was our favourite occasion because we did an Easter egg hunt in the garden with Karen and Ally. Our little hands were busy making lots of arts and crafts to celebrate each occasion. The glitter went everywhere in our hair our clothes and even in our nappies J Karen and Ally got covered in it too and were walking around like glitter queens J . That was a long month and we are all very tired now but we can’t wait for next month to do our shape themes for Aistear.

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This March the toddler room was extremely busy with lots of events and occasions, we made beautiful cards for mother’s day and everyone was very proud of their creations. For St Patrick’s day we coloured shamrocks and painted gorgeous Ireland flags and decorated our ceiling. This month we also celebrated Easter and had an egg hunt, we also make lovely pictures to bring home with our yummy eggs, the children enjoyed this occasion the best we think. Along with all our arts and crafts we also did activities that included rice play, sand and play dough and moon dough (which got very messy) we also got to get out to play in the garden each day.


This month was very busy we had great fun making headbands, flags and leprechauns for St Patrick’s day, we also learned some new Irish words for the big day. The pre Monti’s showed off their work by having a spectacular parade around the crèche. For mother’s day showed their mammies how much they love them by spoiling them with specially made treats and cards. March also saw us prepare for Easter, we had an Easter egg hunt and made Easter bunny baskets to pop our eggs in "our eggs were yummy" we also kept an eye on the plants we planted and we are delighted to see they are starting to sprout, we will soon have a pretty garden

Montessori 1:

This month was very busy in Montessori with Mother’s day St Patrick’s day and Easter we also had great fun on pyjama day and we also celebrated one of the children’s 4th birthday by decorating gingerbread men. We made Easter bonnets and marched around the crèche to show them off in our Easter parade (we had an Easter parade with music) for our Easter camp we made lovely cards and bunny masks. The children’s favourite part was all the chocolate eggs. When Aisling was on her holidays Jenny brought us on a teddy bears picnic in the back garden this was very exciting and a lovely treat. The children cannot wait for the next one. We are looking forward to April where we will be discussing spring, Europe, the environment and the dentist, we might even pot some plants and watch them grow.

Montessori 2:

This month in Montessori 2 was very busy with the 3 occasions jo made marmalade jam for mum for mother’s day to put on her toast we also made a forever bouquet where Jenny and Jo painted our hands and we made a beautiful flower just like mum. For St Patrick’s day Jenny made us some leprechaun munch which we were supposed to leave out for the leprechauns but we ate them ourselves J . We painted a paper plate green and Jenny cut them into a hat design, Jo painted our hands in rainbow colours to make a crock of gold. Jenny brought in her laptop to show us how countries around the world light up their landmarks to celebrate St Patrick’s day i.e Sydney Opera house, the Brandenburg gate, and the leaning tower of Pisa, but the best of all those was when we saw how they turn the Chicago river green. For Easter we coloured in a picture Jo made it into a basket for us and put some yellow crepe paper in the bottom of the basket and then she put some yummy chocolate eggs for us to eat. We also decorated an egg with feathers and glitter.

In between doing the 3 occasions which took up plenty of the month we also did our Montessori work and work extensions with the beads and the shapes. As we had worked hard all month Jenny organised a teddy bears picnic where we got to bring in our favourite teddy Jenny laid out some blankets on the floor (it was raining again) and we had a lovely picnic with the Frozen c.d. playing (jo’s favourite) J in the background. Phew!! We made it that was a looonnnnggg month J


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Afterschool 1:

In this afterschool 1 room we have junior and senior infants and 1st class so our activities will differ from the older schoolie room, although we did do the same arts and crafts for the 3 occasions in March for mother’s day Jo made yummy marmalade jam and because it was too hot for us to make we stayed safely away from the cooker and instead made a forever bouquet for mum, for St Patrick’s day jenny brought in her laptop and showed us leprechauns which was very funny, Jenny also showed us the buildings from around the world that light up green for the day and we also seen the Chicago river been turned green which was really cool. We also saw the story of St Patrick on the computer which was very interesting. For Easter we decorated an egg and made chocolate cornflake nests, we also had an Easter egg hunt in the back garden.

During the midterm break from school Jenny and Jo organised a teddy bears picnic we got to bring in our teddy’s from home and we put some blankets on the floor and had a picnic, we got some blankets from downstairs and made camps with the tables and chairs which was great fun we built pretend camp fires. During the month we did fire/water safety week with the 2 schoolie rooms, we spoke about the dangers of fire and how we must stay away from anything hot that could burn or harm us, Jenny and Jo also told us about the danger of water i.e ponds, lakes and rivers and how we must never go near them alone or without a safety device.

We also discussed road safety and how we must never go near the road and we must always hold our mum or dad’s hands when crossing the road and when leaving the crèche, we must also pay attention to the adult that drops and collects us from school we watched the safe cross code on the laptop.


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Afterschool 2:

March has been a very busy month as you probably have already read throughout this blog. First off we celebrated Mother’s day all the schoolies made a beautiful forever bouquet handprint poem, we also hope what I hope was yummy marmalade for mum to spread on her toast (hope mum got her breakfast in bed) J next came St Patrick’s day the children got some leprechaun munch to eat they also painted their hands in rainbow colours and made a crock of gold which was great fun cleaning all the paint off the sink, walls, floor ceiling etc.

After this came Easter, for Easter we made chocolate cornflake nest and we decorated eggs with glitter, beads and colours. Michelle organised an Easter egg hunt in the back garden for all the schoolies which got a little competitive to say the least J . Phew! We’re exhausted and we’re not even halfway through the month, for activities in between all these occasions the schoolies enjoyed some outdoor activities where as a group the played capture the flag, baseball, football and tip the can.

Midterm break also occurred during this month so the children were allowed to bring in their iPad or electronic device, we operate a strict code on games and the amount of time the children spend on them during the day, usually it’s 45 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon some of the children are not happy with time frame but rules are rules and we all must abide by them, (some specified by parents) there is plenty of other activities in the room to do so everyone will get to do what they enjoy doing.

As all the children were off school for 2 ½ weeks we all stayed together in the big schoolie room, Jenny and Jo organised a teddy’s bears picnic on the Wednesday of the 1st week and we all brought in our favourite teddy (it doesn’t matter how old you are we all have a favourite teddy even Jo and she’s ## years old) J . Jenny and Jo hid bags of goodies around the crèche and we went on a treasure hunt to find them, don’t worry we didn’t only eat chocolate at the picnic we had jam crackers and butter crackers we also had plenty of fresh fruit.

Last day of midterm and wouldn’t you know it it’s raining but don’t worry we still had plenty to do we all separated into groups and took jigsaws from the toy shelf the big schoolies helped the younger schoolies to complete them. We made rice krispies cakes for after dinner (yummy yummy yummy).


Communications exploring and thinking. Identity and belonging

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