18 April 2016

Tallaght Jan - March


What a busy start to the year we have had in Tallaght! We started the year with a couple of new children starting in January so that is always a busy time! We have also had a few changes over recent months, both with staff changes and room changes so we have been kept on our toes. We would like to thank you all for your patience and support during this transitional period.

At the end of last month we said farewell to Samantha one of our Pre-school teachers as she headed off on maternity leave, we would like to congratulate Sam and Dan on the arrival of her beautiful baby boy Jasper who arrived on the 14th March, we wish them all well for the exciting months ahead xxx Standing in for Samantha whilst she is on leave, we will have Catriona who will start May 16th but in the interim period Stephanie from our Clondalkin branch has being kindly helping us out! Both girls are really lovely and are very welcome to our team! As well as the few changes we have had the children have been very busy in their rooms as you can see below.......


Over the last few weeks the children have been learning all about the changes that happen during spring time, including the arrival of spring lambs! I’m sure you can see by all their lovely art and craft work just how busy the children have been!


We had a fun filled day on Thursday 24th March, with our Easter party and Easter egg hunt.


As celebrations got underway throughout the country for the St Patrick’s Day celebrations things were no different down here in the crèche, the children were busy making badges and flags preparing for the parade.

We also took part in various activities to celebrate Seachtain na Gaeilge as we celebrated our Irish Culture.

Our Baby Room

Edel and Hayley work in our baby room with the children 4mth-15 months approx. During the first year of a baby’s life, Children develop using their senses they explore and investigate their environment. The development their ‘gross motor’ skills are very evident at this stage as he/she begins to crawl, shuffle and walk to satisfy their curiosity.  
Edel and Hayley encourage the baby’s physical development using push-a-long toys, stacking toys and games during activities and floor play. The babies play by looking and listening using a variety of objects and experiences appropriate for their age. They need plenty of stimulation to help them interact in their environment using games such as peek-a-boo. Play becomes part of their daily routine during feeding and changing time whilst interacting with their carer. The babies engage in a variety of daily activities such as songs and rhymes, music, books, hand printing, treasure baskets.

Our Toddler Room

Yvonne and Melissa work in our toddler room. At this age, the children’s gross and fine manipulative skills are being refined and our staff encourage plenty of floor activities, which strengthen muscles and develop hand eye co-ordination. The children’s freedom of movement motivates them to develop physically and emotionally.

Yvonne and Melissa encourage the children to move about freely interacting with their peers and their carers in a safe and stimulating loving environment. They facilitate the children’s learning by encouraging child led ‘heuristic’ play.  At this age the children are discovering that they are becoming more independent and mobile as they experience objects made from a variety of colours and textures, which satisfy their curiosity.  Children will also play alongside each other without playing together as they are usually not yet ready to share toys. We are aware of this and provide a variety of same or similar toys. They engage in daily activities such as pretend play (dress-up, home corner) story time, outdoor play and creative play (playdough, arts and crafts). Children’s cognitive learning is incorporated into play e.g. letters, numbers, shapes, colours etc.

Our Playgroup

Aisling and Sarah Jane work in our playgroup; at this age the children are gaining confidence in their physical abilities. Independence, Cognitive, Social & Language skill development are all key areas of development.
Children are starting to notice and play with other children engaging in social activities such as imaginative and creative play.  There is a variety of equipment and activities available to encourage the child’s cognitive skills.  Activities such as Lego and jigsaws help improve a child’s concentration and memory skills. Children also enjoy a variety of activities during the day such as, story time, sing-songs, sand and water play, pretend play (dress-up, drama), construction play (blocks, tools) and outdoor play on our child friendly surface. At this age the children further develop their cognitive skills through counting, alphabet, topic of the day etc.

Our Pre-School Class

Martina and Stephanie are our pre-school teachers, they teach the children skills that will give them good foundations for learning and will prepare them for primary school. In preschool we aim to develop the children cognitively, socially, physically and emotionally, preparing them for primary school.

The preschool teachers design a curriculum to meet the needs of individual children in the environment.  Although the curriculum is structured, Martina and Stephanie will spend quality time throughout the day engaging each child in activities using materials which will enable them to reach their full potential. Children will also be encouraged during the day to participate in extra curricula activities such as arts and crafts, baking, drama, music and dance.  These activities promote self-esteem, confidence and the development of language skills in each child.  At this age children enjoy playing together making friends and co-operate well during play activities.