19 May 2016

April in Clondalkin

April has been a fun month here in Clondalkin. We have had a little taste of summer with the beautiful weather and the children had a great few days in the garden doing lots of activities. We have had a little break from all the festivities for now but the children have still been busy doing lots of beautiful spring arts and crafts and its business as usual with all the hard work and activities the children are participating in every day. We hope parents are finding our new menu beneficial, we feel it is going really well and the children are enjoying the new meals introduced at snack time. If you have any concerns or feedback, please do let me know J The monthly Aistear theme was based on Spring this month – have a look below at all the lovey spring work that the children have created J

The Baby Room

The baby room has been kept very busy in April settling in our new babies. Paige, Ruby and Eva are all settling in very well and they are getting used to all the other little bodies in the baby room J The babies still continued with the monthly Aistear theme and made beautiful sheep craftsand painted beautiful tulips for their display wall. The babies enjoyed playing toys with our buntas paracheute and the babies also had great fun making lots of music with the muscial instruments J Storytime and cuddles with catherine and Lisa is always a favourite with the babies. The babies have started to recognise garden time and get really excited when Catherine or Lisa start putting on their coats. The garden is great for the babies and all the fresh air helps them to settle better at sleep time. The babies and wobbles joined up for some messy play activities and one little man decided he wanted to have "breakfast" with the cereal so we filled his bowl with milk and he enjoyed the cereal rather than playing with it J

The Wobble room

The wobbles also welcomed a new friend Riley into their class in April and they are all being so helpful to Leonie helping their new pal settle in. Throughout Aprl the wobbles have been working hard learning new words everyday and also their colours. The children are doing lots of shelf work such as jig-saws and learning how to do their shapes by sorting them. Leonie is also teaching the wobbles how to count to 10 using their fingers J The wobbles made their room very colourful by creating funky frogs from their finger prints and some beautiful finger painted flowers. The wobbles expanded their finger print painting to painting their hands to make more spring flower pictures and ducks J Leonie has been doing a weekly book with the children and this weeks book is called "brown bear, brown bear what do you see?" This activity is helping the wobbles to learn their animals and colours and of course they enjoy story time too. The wobbles love to get out to the garden and enjoy different games such as chasing, hide and seek and pass the ball, Leonie has also engaged the wobbles in paracheute activities in the garden which is always a fun activity. The wobbles also joined up with the babies for messy play.

The Toddle Room

The toddles created a beautiful spring display for their room and had lots of fun making creative spring crafts too. The toddles made gorgeous apple trees from their foot prints and finger prints and for their Aistear theme spring, they created their very own personal handprint sheep. The toddles coloured beautiful hot air balloons and spring flowers to complete their Spring display. Sinead and Caoimhe have been busy teaching the toddles about important people in our community and their different job descriptions. The children made their very own postal envelopes for the postman and did some fantastic colouring of a postman and a baker. The children learned the rhyme "pat a cake" as a follow on exercise to this theme. The toddles have been busy doing lots of work like their jig-saw work and gluing shapes exercises, circle time including songs and poems, flashcards, colours, shapes, animal’s numbers and table top activities such as stickle bricks and Lego have also kept the toddlers busy. The children also enjoyed some messy play activities, musical instruments and lots of garden time doing different activities outdoors also J

The Pre-Montessori Room

The Pre-Montessori children have had a busy April, beginning with creating their very own personal Animal handprints, the children thought this was really cool and enjoyed making the animals look more realistic by gluing googly eyes onto each animal . Sandra and the children have been busy collecting family photographs to make their own family tree. The children are really excited about having photos of mammy and daddy and their siblings in their classroom and show of their beautiful work proudly. The children worked hard painting their feet to make owls and working together to colour different parts of the tree to make it colourful and perfect J Sandra and the children have included discussing their family photos during circle time. Sandra has started pre-writing work with the children and some of the children have it mastered already before they reach the Montessori room! The children celebrated Danny’s birthday and the chocolate cake went down a treat with the children (and staff!). Sandra has been reading "The three little pigs" to the children, they love interacting through story time and relating the story back to Sandra at the end. Garden time is being increased more and more with the nicer weather and the children are enjoying games like hide and seek, chasing and the children borrowed the Wendy house from the baby garden, the children also had heaps of fun with the Buntas materials in the garden J The pre-montessori children enjoyed colouring using their imaginations and creating their own master pieces and free play with barbies and cars are always entertaining .

The Montessori room

April has been a very busy month for the Montessori’s from gardening to baking they are becoming very self-efficient J Firstly the children made some beautiful pictures for their room of spring flowers from a collage of cut up card. Nicola and Lynn have involved the children in a healthy eating "grow your own" fruit and vegetable programme, this was a very exciting activity as the children got to plant their own seeds and get messy with muck! The children have planted strawberry, potato, carrot, lettuce and turnip seeds and with all the care and watering the plants have started to grow, keep an eye in next month’s blog, hopefully we will have some progress by then J As a follow on exercise the children made their very own vegetable garden and used potatoes to do some painting – the, pandas, caterpillar’s and strawberry results where fantastic and the children had a great time using potatoes to paintJ Nicola and Lynn have been busy with the academic side of Montessori teaching the children about the seven continents. The children are learning about different cultures and how other people live differently to us through the continents. The children have also learned a song about the continents – each week there will be a new continent the children will learn about. The Montessori children have been having some fun too after all their hard work, the children love baking and sharing turns and of course demolishing the finished product, musical instruments playdough activities and garden time are also favourites with our Montessori children.

The Afterschool Room

The schoolies joined in the fun with planting different vegetable seeds also and getting their hands dirty. Nicola and Lynn decided to follow on from the planting with the schoolies and plant grass seeds. The children decorated their own "grass people" and then stuck the faces onto plastic cups. With compost and the seeds watered regularly, the grass should grow to make it look like hair on top of the faces. The children enjoyed this activity and we cannot wait to see the finished results. The schoolies also chilled out after homework club with some playdough and baking activities and they are also enjoying lots of garden time too and of course the yummy ice pops as a treat in the nice weather J


There will be some changes happening over the next few weeks in the crèche and some will be starting from next week! Some of the staff will be changing rooms and with our baby room booming we have a new staff member joining us in May. The changes for the room are as follows;

Baby room – Leonie will be moving from the wobble room to the baby room

Stephanie will be returning from covering in the Tallaght branch

Georgina (the new staff member) will be starting with us at the beginning of May.

Wobble Room- Sinead will be moving from the playgroup room to the wobble room.

Toddle Room – Caoimhe will remain in the toddle room and Catherine and Lisa will be moving from

The baby room to work alongside Caoimhe. (Catherine and Lisa work job share


Pre-Montessori room – Sandra will remain here until the end of June and will then move to the baby


Montessori room – Nicola and Lynn will both remain here until the end of June.

We are delighted to announce that Nicola will be stepping in as manager here in Clondalkin from August as I will be going on maternity leave until Feb 17. Nicola will do a fantastic job in my absence and you will be seeing Nicola in the office a lot more throughout the summer J