25 May 2016

Clondalkin May 2016

May blog Clondalkin 2016

What a quick month May has been, the end of our Montessori term is creeping up so quickly and the children are all looking forward to their summer holidays (the staff are too!). Unfortunately, the hot weather did not last too long but we are hoping it returns soon enough, although it is not stopping the children getting out and having fun in the garden J The monthly Aistear theme this month was Summer and all the children have been working hard transforming their rooms into bright colourful sunny rooms! Thank you for all the positive feedback regarding our new menus also, it is great to have hear all the positive comments J

The Baby Room

The babies worked on a seaside display for their summer Aistear theme. The babies enjoyed getting both their hands and feet painted to make some funky little octopus and star fish. Keeping on the summer theme, the babies also made some yummy handprint icecreams and with the few nice days we had, they enjoyed cooling down with the real deal - the babies found the cool pops confusing to eat but managed to get the hang of it quickly J. Catherine, Lisa and Georgina are always encouraging independence with the babies and preparing them, when ready, to feed themselves. We found it very funny one of our little ladies was given chopped up pieces of cheese and toast one morning but she decided to put the cheese on the toast and fold it over making her own little sandwhich! The babies had lots of fun with messy play using different cereals (which usually ends up getting eaten!). The new babies have settled in really well and this week we have another new baby Ethan settling in. With all the new faces and noise in the room, the babies enjoy quieter activities also. Putting nursery rhymes on the radio and blowing bubbles is very relaxing and always works a treat calming the babies. Free play and garden time is always great fun, the babies are enjoying their daily outing to the garden J

The Wobble room

The Wobble’s had a very busy month learning new skills and games to help develop their language and cognitive development. Leonie has made a colour game with the wobbles to help teach them to identify their colours, the children are loving this game! Basically Leonie stuck different coloured card around different areas in the room and she calls out a colour and the children all run to that colour J Leonie has been teaching the children new vocabulary and teaching the names of different fruits too. Leonie has also been busy teaching the wobles how to count using their fingers and extended this exercise by painting their 10 fingers. The wobbles have been working on their summer theme and they made some fish also from their handprints. The wobbles had lots of messy play activities this month from messy paint with different colours (some worked up an appetite while painting!!) to gloup and playdough messy play together, introducing the wobbles to different textures such as solids and liquid, the children were a little bit sceptical at first but after a few seconds there was a right mess created J. The wobbles made some yummy rice crispie cakes and enjoyed having a turn each mixing. Lastly the wobbles have been introduced to gluing and pasting which has been a huge success, the children are enjoying sticking different art materials to card and you can see some of the finished results on the Wobble display board

The Toddle Room

The toddlers have worked hard throughout May working on the theme Summer. The toddles have had group discussions with Caoimhe and Margaret during circle time about different things that happens in summer and not forgetting all the lovely holidays that the children have told us they are going on! The toddles made a beautiful summer display with lots of different things we see in summer. Extending from this activity, Caoimhe and Margaret worked on a sea life craft as the children had discussed going to the beach, the children made their very own personal fish bowls which are hanging in the room, creating a colourful summer feel in the room (make sure to have a look!). A separate project the children have been working on is snow white and the seven dwarfs, one little man began singing “hi, ho, hi ho” one afternoon so Caoimhe and Margaret thought the children the lyrics to the whole song to which the whole group are still walking around singing (3 weeks later lol!), to expand from this activity the children coloured pictures of the dwarfs and learned their names and for a big Friday treat, one little lad bought in the movie snow white and the children had great fun belting out the tune when it came on! The children have been still doing their usual curriculum – jig-saws, learning their numbers through songs and counting and participating in table top activities such as messy play, playdough and free play with the toys and of course not forgetting the favourite noisy musical instruments. With the nice weather we had, Caoimhe and Margaret bought some of the materials outdoors and the children enjoyed building with Lego in the garden. The toddles are currently working on another project “camping” so keep an eye out in the June blog for the finished result J

The Pre-Montessori Room

This month the pre-Montessori children worked on their summer theme (for the week of sunshine we had!!). The children made their own palm trees from their hand prints and made fantastic hot air balloons using different art materials. The children had a great experience using cotton balls and pegs and dipping them in different coloured paint. They had a little practise on paper first before they made their balloons. Sandra personalised each balloon by putting each child’s photo on their balloon and they look outstanding . The children painted pineapples using their fingerprints as a follow on activity from the exotic palm trees. Sandra then got a real pineapple and let the children experience the texture of it (and of course mess with it too!) The children all had a taste of the pineapple which went down well, they were really excited making the connection that their pineapples were on the wall and they were eating one! The Pre-Montessori children are also working on a project “happy little campers” and have made camping tents so far so look out for the end result in June’s blog. The pre-Montessori children have worked really hard this year and it is evident in the confidence and work they complete daily with Sandra. The children are still working on the Montessori curriculum which will finish up next month. Story time is always welcomed with the pre-Montessori children as they get involved and love interacting with the story. The children have been busy also doing other activities such as baking, dress up colouring and painting (themselves!!). The children have had lots of garden time and participated in lots of fun new activities with the Montessori children.

The Montessori room

The Montessori class have been extremely busy preparing for their upcoming graduation in June. The children have been practising all their work that they will present to all the mammies and daddies on the day. The children have also been working hard making their Montessori memory books and filling them up with all the exciting and wonderful art they have made this year. The children are still working on the Montessori curriculum also and their teachers can see how much progress they have accomplished since they started with us in September. Nicola and Lynn are still working on the continents with the children and they complete a new one each week. The children are really enjoying learning so much about children in different cultures and how their lives are different to ours. The children’s Vegetable garden and grass men are still growing every day, the children are going to style and cut the grass men’s hair when it grows long enough J The children made some dazzling suns to brighten up the Montessori room and also linking in with the upcoming event, their graduation. The children have also been busy baking chocolate cakes, and creating lovely pictures by pasting shapes. An extended activity from pasting the children completed was pasting shapes to create a picture, the children did a fantastic job. One lucky little man has been on holiday to Disneyland Paris, there was a lot of excitement at circle time about holidays and Eoin showed everyone exactly where he went.

The Afterschool Room

The afterschool children have been getting up to lots of different activities as usual, being very creative with their summer crafts and designing a beautiful summer display wall with lots of summery objects and their own personal pictures they made of the beach and park. The afterschool children joined in with the montys to make their very own puzzles from lollypop sticks. Each child had a shape to trace with paint onto lollypop sticks and when they are dry the children can mix them around creating a puzzle. The schoolies also made yummy cakes and crispy cakes and have joined in lots of different garden activities with different games such as snakes and ladders. Water play in the garden was great fun for all the children when they were given paintbrushes and roller brushes and let “paint” the garden and for a rainy day treat (our summer didn’t last long) the children watched beauty and the beast.


A reminder to the ECCE Montessori parents our last day of term will end on Thursday 30th June 2016

  • The Montessori Graduation will take place in the Montessori room on Wednesday 29th June at 10.30am. All parents are welcome to join the children and teachers in celebrating their final day in Montessori, and the children have been working hard for their presentation so please try make it along.
  • The annual sports day will take place on Tuesday 28th May for the Pre-Montessori and Montessori children.
  • Our end of term Party for the Montessori will be held on Thursday 30th May 2016 and will end at 12pm sharp

Room Changes:

We recently announced that staff will be changing around to different rooms, unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control we have had to delay the change however the good news is the changes will commence from Monday 13th June. Just to re-cap the forthcoming changes:

The Baby Room Staff will be:Leonie, Georgina and Sandra

The wobble room:Margaret (relief worker)

The Playgroup Room:Caoimhe and Catherine (Lisa will be taking leave over the summer months)

The Pre-Montessori Room: Stephanie

The Montessori Room: Lynn and Tracey (new Montessori room and Assistant manager from August)

Office:Nicola and Jessica (until mid-August)

If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to talk to your child’s career or myself or Nicola in the office anytime J