25 May 2016

Lucan April 2016


Welcome to our Lucan blog. As you read on you will get to know all about how the children in each room got on during the month and what fun and exciting things they got up to.

Baby room 1

The theme in the baby room this month is springtime, we all got very creative we tried gluing for the first time which got very sticky and messy, Sarah and Clara gave us some cotton wool and we stuck it on the paper plate to make very fluffy sheep.

We made lovely colourful rainbows with suns (after all there was plenty of April showers this month) Sarah and Clara put our lovely art work up on the wall outside our room for all the mammies and daddies to see. We were very busy this month we made pretty handprint flowers and bumble bees which you can also see on the wall outside our room.

We also had lots of fun this month doing messy play we helped Sarah and Clara to make wibbly wobbly jelly and it was really fun feeling all the new textures and tastes. Time for a nap (now where’s my teddy and blankie).

Baby room 2

For April we started off the month making a spring wall, Orla and Suzanne painted the children’s feet in different colours and made beautiful butterflies with them. We also did sensory play with hair gel Suzanne put some hair gel into a clear bag and Orla selotaped them to the floor, the children loved the squishy feeling and loved how they could move the gel around the bags themselves.

Suzanne and Orla made new sensory bottles for us they put some lovely flowers from the garden into the bottles and filed them with water, we loved looking at all the pretty flowers and Suzanne and Orla loved the idea of bringing some nature indoors. When it wasn’t raining we got to go out to the garden to play which we really loved doing.

Wobbler room 1

In April we welcomed a new member of staff to the wobbler 1 room we would like to say a big welcome to Eimear, Eimear and the children had great fun getting to know each other. They learned all about spring by doing lots of spring time arts and crafts, we learned all about the plants that grow in spring, also this month we had lots of fun painting all the baby animals that you see on the farm in the spring time.

Wobbler room 2

This month during circle time we learned all about shapes and colours Ally and Karen taught us these by showing us flash cards, when we were finished learning from the flash cards Karen gave us some paper with shapes on them and we had great fun colouring them in and Ally helped us to glue them onto another page to make shape people, Karen and Ally put them on the wall outside our room for everyone to see. We are so excited for May because we are going to be learning all about squishy bugs.


At the beginning of April, we began our jungle theme, Nadine and Lynn made a large tree for the wall and we began to make jungle animals to put in the jungle, we made elephants, tigers, zebras, leopards and monkeys phew!!! (that’s a lot of work).

Nadine and April taught us all about the jungle during circle time and when they had put up all the animals that we made the room looked amazing it looked like a great big jungle with the big tree and leaves and animals hanging from the ceiling.

As we had some nice weather in April we got to do lots of activities out in the garden, Nadine and Lyn brought out our play kitchen and tea set and we had lots of great days enjoying picnics in the garden,

Many of the toddlers celebrated birthdays during April so are you can guess we were very busy having lots of parties with some lovely treats which was great fun.

Pre- Montessori

This month in pre-Monti we were very busy, we learned all about our colours and we learned 4 new sounds A,I,T and S, April was a great month we got to learn all about our weather and especially about the rainbows and what colours make up the rainbow. Jackie and David helped us make cool things like rainbow, umbrellas and some really colourful butterflies, we even made rainbow fairy cakes.

We had great fun with Jackie and David when learning our new sounds, they helped us when learning our new sounds, they helped us remember our new sounds by singing songs with us, we learned that there were “snakes in the grass” “ants on our arms” David showed us a tennis match on the computer so all in all this was a fun month that we all really enjoyed.

Montessori 1

Aislings Montessori had a very busy April, this month’s themes were spring, Europe, the environment and the Dentist.

For spring week, we decided to do some gardening, we planted lettuce, strawberries, carrots and potatoes all of which are growing at great speed except for the potatoes.

For our Europe week we concentrated on 4 countries Ireland, France, Spain and Italy, we talked about what sights these countries have and what the citizens of these countries eat and what they do for fun, most of the Montessori children have visited these countries for their holidays.

For our environment week we talked about how important it is to recycle, we celebrated “earth day” on the 22nd of April, to celebrate this day we made “earth men” and had a parade around the crèche.

For the last week of April, we talked about oral hygiene and the Dentist, we sang our “brush brush” song and mimed how we brush our teeth. We have also been very busy practicing our songs and dances for our graduation which we are very excited about.

(please don’t forget to send in your costume).

Montessori 2

The themes in Montessori 2 this month are recycling, earth and environment.

This month we learned all about the polar bear as each child got pick what animal they would like to learn about. We watched a YouTube video about the polar bear about where it comes from and what it eats and if they have any friends to play with, we also learned about the ladybird, jo brought us in a book called “the very lazy ladybird” we think that this is our favourite book right now. This month we also learned about the bumble bee and how its honey is used in foods and is used in medicines to help when you have a sore throat. We then learned all about the elephants and we watched a DVD all about elephants.

This month Jenny taught us how to use a scissors, we practiced very hard how to walk and carry a scissors, we learned how to cut straight lines and curves, as you can see in the porch we gave our lions a fabulous haircut, we also gave the hedgehogs some spikes like Jo’s hair J. “we getting very good at this cutting lark”.

Jenny and jo taught us all about sun safety this month, it’s very important that we get sun cream on when we go out in the sun. it’s also very important that we don’t stay out too long and take a break from the sun, we have a big tree in the garden that casts a big shade so we can go and sit under the tree for a while, if were running around playing games it’s also very important that we drink lots of water so we don’t dehydrate.

When we were out in the garden Jenny and Jo helped us to look for worms, they found some and then ran away screaming (scardy cats J ) but we had great fun digging them up and chasing Jenny around the garden with them.

We also did some food tasting this month we tried brown bread, Kiwis and carrot sticks, most of the children loved the new foods and even asked for more.

Each month we make a new imagination station, the children have some great ideas, they love to role play we have “at the vets” which was Edie’s and Cates choice, we were all bust looking after the teddy animals which got x-rayed, bandaged, fed played with and cared for by our Montessori and schoolie vets.

During mid-term we introduced a new section to the imagination station we made playdough and had a pizzeria, Rona the gardener also came back this month so we had lots of planting and watering to do. We also finished the jungle in our room by making paper plate animals to hang from the ceiling and walls.


For Aprils many themes we started off the month with earth and environment to do this the children brought in lots of recyclable items like boxes, cartons and egg boxes (thank you Deborah Fortune for all the egg cartons) our junk art station was overflowing and the children loved it, with a lot of imagination the children turned all the recyclable materials into drums, guitars, a boat and binoculars and so much more the children did a brilliant job and took great pride in showing their finished work to their parents and anyone else that came Into the room.

We learned all about the dandelion with jenny out in the garden we had great fun blowing the dandelion and watching them fly off with the wind.

During April the children had some time off school for midterm break so the 2 schoolie rooms joined up together, Jenny and Jo got some blankets from downstairs and we made tents out of them and we pretended we were out in the wild camping, we built camp fires (not a real fire) and had a BBQ and a picnic and even a bear came along to try and frighten us but we chased it away (Jo was a scary bear) J.

We made playdough and made a pizzeria and we also had the great Fonthill lodge bake off (very competitive)

Jenny finished the “sitting room” so we have a nice cosy place to sit in with our teddy buddies and just relax or we can take a book from the library and sit on the sofa and read. At the moment were having great fun trying to find Wally in the 5 books that jenny brought in. during this month we also added to the jungle in our room by doing animal arts and crafts.

In the garden the big schoolies are teaching us new games like rounder’s, and baseball and yes there will be a winning team but in schoolie room 1 we are focusing on the rules of the game and enjoying a love of sport first and team work, so it doesn’t matter if we win or lose it’s the taking part that counts and having fun at the same time.

During midterm when the big and little schoolies were together we had a food tasting day where the children got to taste a selection of fruits, brown brad, mushrooms, beans and carrot sticks the children seemed to like the new foods they tasted and asked for more.

Rona returned this month so between 2 and 3 pm on Thursday the children got to join her in the greenhouse to plant some flowers and vegetables.

The big schoolies really enjoyed helping the little schoolies during midterm with the junk art, they don’t get as much time as the little schoolies to do many indoor activities because they come in from school later than them and by the time they’ve had their dinner and completed their homework they just want to go out to the garden and blow away the cobwebs of the day, so if the weather allows Jo and Olwyn will take them to the garden and play some outdoor games with them.