Here, children learn through teaching devised by Dr. Maria Montessori. This proven method also fits comfortably within the framework of Aistear. Montessori focuses on observing and following the interests of children, and using these as the guidelines to encourage learning. This, then is used to help the child feel fulfilled and confident in their own position within their life and environment

Our Montessori classrooms are well equipped with Montessori specific materials. The environment is warm and comfortable. The rooms also have areas for relaxation and free play such as dress up or a home corner. Normal age appropriate toys are provided to enhance the Montessori experience for all the children.  The morning time is dedicated to Montessori work and the afternoon includes more free play.

All our Montessori teachers are fully qualified. Montessori uses a number of materials and activities, first introduced and taught by an adult and then freely chosen and completed by the child. These daily activities require concentration and focus and require mind and body to work together. These tasks are designed to result in the child feeling satisfied, happy and with a sense of accomplishment. They also help in physical, emotional and intellectual development.

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Montessori explained

Here at Fonthill Lodge Daycare we run a sessional and full daycare pre-school facility. The method of teaching we use in our pre-school is the Montessori Method. This is a method of teaching devised by Dr. Maria Montessori based on the philosophy of supporting the natural development of children in a well-prepared environment. The Montessori approach encourages the child to learn independently and at their own pace using five main principles to include - respect for the child, the absorbent mind, the sensitive periods, the prepared environment and autoeducation. Using this method alongside the Aistear Framework enable the children to feel fulfilled and confident in their own position within their life and their own environment. All our pre-school room leaders are fully qualified, experienced Montessori Teachers and cover the five main areas of the Montessori curriculum – Practical Life, Sensorial, Maths, Language, and Culture. Also included in our curriculum we have a music class, physical education class, gardening and many arts and craft throughout the year. All run in a very child-led environment allowing the child to develop intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

Our Pre-school features;

Basic Irish is taught in all our classes
Nutritional Education
Physical activity every day no matter what the weather!!
Social setting where friendships are formed
Gain confidence
Be prepared and happy to attend school when the time comes

Introduction to a structured "school like" environment