Baby Care

The Nest is where our babies are cared for. These warm, inviting rooms are designed for babies from approximately 12 months old. Because we have dedicated baby rooms, they are a safe and stimulating, while providing for the practical care needs of little ones.  

Before a baby starts with us, we provide a free two week integration period. This gives parents and baby time to settle on a gradual basis.  Some children become comfortable quickly, others take a little longer. Therefore, we work with parents to ensure baby is happy before parents return to work.  NCS funding is available.

Our baby rooms have a routine that is developed around the babies need for peaceful sleep care, gentle communication, development, nutritious meals and bottles feeding. You will be included in developing your babies routine and you will be kept up to date on your babies day with access to our Ecce Soft app free of charge. Ecce Soft allows our team career to communicate with parents daily with updates about meals, play, milestones and plenty of photographs. 

The rooms are clean, warm, airy and bright with a range of high quality furniture and resources.  The focus is on practical care and the safe movement of babies. Individual, quality cots are provided for safe sleep in a comfortable environment in line with best practices.  Our cooks prepare from principal healthy meals to suit the age and stage of each baby. Bottles are provided by parents and stored in our fridge.  Our team support your baby in their journey through weaning and self-feeding.

Our most caring staff work with our babies. Although, all of our team are carefully selected, trained and qualified, our baby team focus on a care routine above all else. We focus on safety during sleep time, feeding and changing.  However there is plenty of time for fun and play too. 

As every baby develops differently we encourage each child to learn and grow at their own pace. Reading stories, singing songs, dancing, sensorial activities, explorative, interactive play and physical space to roll, crawl, cruise and walk are some of the focuses in our baby rooms. Babies have daily access to their own segregated area of our garden and we also have quad buggies which we use to get the babies out and about for a walk on wet days.