PreSchool / ECCE

Generally, children enter Pre-school / ECCE when they reach 2 years 9months and they will continue until they attend primary school. Children should be toilet trained before attending Pre School and we will help achieve this wherever possible.

The government provide funding through the ECCE scheme to children as per the list of birth dates below. The ECCE funding covers a 3 hour Pre School session (usually 9am-12pm) Monday to Friday for 38 weeks per year (usually in line with primary school term).

Play based environment

Pre School aims to give children an enjoyable, play based environment which introduces some more structure and independence. ECCE sessions run in the mornings for 3 hours, 5 days per week. Children who attend for these hours only should bring a healthy, packed lunch.

The curriculum is well thought out and based on the children’s needs and interests. Activities may include outdoor play with obstacle courses or a parachute game. Arts and crafts is a very popular choice with this age group, as is any type of sand, water or messy play which get all the senses going. The curriculum follows an Aistear Framework and is play based, however there will be plenty of learning happening too.

Preschool Classs having fun

Children are provided with a hot, home cooked meal and sit together with friends at the table and chair. Rest / sleep time is facilitated in conjunction with parents and children’s individual needs. We provide plenty of books and a cosy area for the children to take a break from the busy environment whenever they wish!

Life skills such as hand washing, dressing and self feeding are encouraged by our team of qualified and caring staff. The children develop their social and emotional skills in our calm, loving environment where sharing, caring, conflict resolution and respect are taught by example.