This age group need increased independence and socialisation as they grow and experience the world through play.

Our toddler rooms are bright, cheerful and full of age appropriate toys that provide opportunities for open ended play and learning. The ratio for 1-2 year olds is 5:1 and 6:1 for 2 year olds. Our staff are fun loving and qualified in childcare. Socialising is now an important part of your child’s day and we encourage lots of indoor and outdoor play. Toilet training often begins in this room.

Your child is now steady on their feet and developing language and social skills. The Toddler rooms offer an introduction to more structured play and learning. Increased exposure to activities such as arts & crafts, dress up, imaginative play, messy play, baking and physical excercise ensure their days are full of variety and learning opportunities. We nurture the children to develop their creativity, language, physical wellbeing and social and emotional skills.