Fees December 2022


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Sessional (3yrs +) 3.5hrs


  • Places are allocated in accordance with our Admissions policy. A deposit must be paid before a place is secured.
  • Children who qualify for the ECCE/NCS schemes will have their fees reduced by the amount of the government subsidy once registered. ECCE discount currently €12.90 per day (subject to change by government)
  • Additional days/ hours are not guaranteed and may only be facilitated by prior arrangement with the Manager. Discounts to regular monthly fees will not apply to ad hoc/ extra hours/ days.
  • Full day attendance is for a maximum of 10 hours per day.
  • Extra hours are charged per full hour and cannot be broken into partial hours. Half day fees are based on a 5 hour day or less.
  • Fees must be paid monthly by Direct Debit. Customers whose DD’s are returned for insufficient funds will be charged €10.00 per transaction.
  • 30 days written notice is required for all changes of attendance (email will suffice).
  • All fees are quoted and paid monthly. Where a partial monthly payment is due; to calculate a weekly price, multiply by 12 and divide by 52.
  • Fees are payable for the entire 12 months of the year and are not discounted for holidays, closures or any other periods of absence.
  • School children’s fees do not increase during scheduled school holidays, i.e. mid-term/ summer holidays. Additional Drop or Collection’s cost €6.50 per run. We cannot accommodate school children during ad-hoc school closures.
  • Fees are subject to review and may be changed under notice to you.  

Please refer to our Fees Policy for full list of Terms & Conditions