Baby Care

Our aim is to make the time you leave your baby in our care an enjoyable one for both you and your baby. We work closely with families and children to ensure you are comfortable with the care our dedicated and highly trained staff provide for your baby.

To ensure your baby (and you) are confident and happy in their new surroundings when you go back to work we offer a free settling in period. The settling in period varies for each child but we recommend that you settle your baby in for at least a week. Some children settle very quickly, for others it may take a little longer. We will work with you in the first few days and weeks to ensure your baby is settling in well.

Our team of qualified and caring staff are trained in first aid and we employ a qualified nurse. We are proud of our extremely low staff turnover and feel this is important for each child to build trust with their carers. We ensure adult child ratios are maintained as recommended by the HSE, ensuring your baby receives the care and attention that they need. The ratio for babies under 12 months is 3:1 and for babies who are 1 year old is 5:1.

As every baby develops differently we encourage each child to learn and grow at their own pace. Reading stories , sing-a-long songs and dances, walkers and shape sorters are among this age groups favourite activities.

Each room has a routine that is developed around the babies need for peaceful sleep, nutritious meals and of course, bottles. You will be included in developing your babies routine and you will be kept up to date on your babies day by your child's carer and their daily diary.

The rooms are clean, warm, airy and bright which facilitate safe movement of babies rolling, crawling and sitting. Individual, quality cots are provided for safe sleep in a comfortable environment. Our cooks prepare delicious, baby friendly, hot daily meals from principal ingredients in accordance with HSE and Safe Food recommendations.

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