These rooms combine the safety and care routine of the baby rooms with the increased independence and socialisation of the Toddler room.

When your child outgrows our baby room (normally when they become steady on their feet). Our bright and warm Wobbler rooms offer a safe environment for young children to walk and run, exploring their world and learning as they play. The ratio in these rooms is 5:1. There may be a variety of care for this age group as each baby develops at their own pace. Some may still need a high chair, where other may be starting to learn how to sit at the table with their friends. Some children may sleep better in a cot but some may find the sleep mats more comfortable.

Specially selected, fully qualified and trained staff look after your growing baby in a loving environment. Children of this age are beginning to socialise but still need routine sleep and meal times. Increased outdoor play is encouraged and a varied curriculum is in place to ensure the children have a fun and enjoyable day in our care.